Effective treatments aganist cellulite

What doesn’t work
Few scientific studies have dealt with anti-cellulite treatments, but it seems that the genetic component plays an important role. This is why treatments work for some people and not for others. A method made famous by its lack of effectiveness is liposuction: it is well to remove excess fat, but does not eliminate the orange peel appearance of the skin, which may even worsen. Hormonal treatments that block the production of estrogens prevent the appearance of new cellulite but do not affect existing cellulite. Sport is not an effective way, it helps to reduce body fat of the body, and the amount of fat cells in the subcutaneous tissues, but it can do nothing against visible dimples on the surface of the skin. This is only a good complement to other treatments. To obtain visible results, must be taken both on blood circulation, lymphatic flow, body fat, muscle tone and skin. So far, no cellulite treatment isolated guarantees final improvement.
The different treatments
Endermologie, a company's LPG system, cellular stimulation system is also called vacuomobilization. This treatment is to apply suction cups on the skin to stimulate blood circulation and lymphatic circulation in the areas affected by cellulite, massage them in depth and kneading them using rollers. This method has the disadvantage of be effective if care are renewed every week.
Mesotherapy is to do injections, homeopathy, for example, directly in the areas affected, so as to destroy fat cells hypertrophied, which will then be eliminated by metabolism. This method whose effectiveness has not been scientifically proven, is fairly expensive, and carries the risk inherent in the introduction of foreign substances in the body. Some dermatologists also practice the carboxytherapy. This is pitting of carbon dioxide at targeted locations. And if the Adipocyte cells where to store fat decreases when one oxygen, they burst with carbon dioxide. Then the fat is drained through natural ways. The treatment works on everyone but only if the patient increases its exercise and with the implementation of a number of rules lifestyle-diet. Cellulitis treatment in this way is very effective.
Another method combines the techniques of vacuomobilization with infrared rays and waves bipolar radiofrequency (applied via two electrodes). It is found with a machine called Vela Shape. A simple gel is applied on the skin so that the machine can conveniently slide on the skin. It uses their energy to heat the DermIS and thus reduce the size of fat cells and smoothing the skin. It uses their energy to heat the DermIS and thus reduce the size of fat cells and smoothing the skin. This innovative technology also requires a big investment of time and money. But the sessions are spaced as we advance in the treatment: one to two times a week at first, and then one to two times per month.
Cosmetic surgery of course interested in the problems of cellulite: lipo suction and lifting of the affected areas require incisions and leave scars, but offer visible final results a few months after the intervention. The use of lasers capable of destroying fat cells trapped under the skin to treat cellulite without incision.
Lymphatic drainage is a gentle massage that stimulates the lymphatic flow responsible for the elimination of toxins. This method helps to soften the fibers that hold prisoners fat cells, and derive the surface of the skin. On mass from the top of the thigh in the direction of the knee, where a lymphatic gland. There again, this technique is not sufficient to eliminate cellulite but may be a useful complement to other treatments.
There are machines such as the cellu M6 who practice this kind of massage. The advantage being that palpate - roll that proposes the Cellu M6 is still of the same quality.